Pakistan and Turkey to Undertake 13 Joint Research Projects


The higher education bodies of Pakistan and Turkey have agreed to sponsor 13 joint research projects under the second phase of the Pakistan-Turkey Researchers Mobility Grant Program.

The joint venture that started last year aims to provide mobility support to researchers. The program is the result of Pakistan-Turkey cooperation in higher education.

The program aims to develop cooperation between the higher education institutions of the two countries in the fields of science and technology by supporting the mobility of graduate students and academic staff.

The venture has received 70 applications so far in response to the second call for proposals under the programme – 13 of the applicants, who met the eligibility criteria, have been shortlisted.

The selected researchers are from the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Punjab in Lahore.

The selected students will get the mobility grant jointly by the Higher Education Commissions (HEC) and Turkeys’ Council of Higher Education (CoHE).

These researchers will work in collaboration with Turkish counterparts in six priority areas including energy, food, sustainable environment technologies, material sciences, smart transportation systems, and robots and smart systems.


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