Mahira Khan posts tribute to her mother on Women’s Day


Women’s Day inspires many people to reflect on the women in their lives and Mahira Khan did just that.

Yesterday, she penned a note about her mother, in which she paid tribute to her diligently spent life:

She begins, “Here is a picture of my Ama from the day that I was born. She has had rheumatoid arthritis for the last 30 years. She’s been in pain ever since. Despite that, she has worked as a teacher most of her life. Raised me and my brother, while running our home. She has trouble doing normal day to day things now – like walking, taking a bath or even making her own hair.”

Photo: mahirahkhan/Instagram
Photo: mahirahkhan/Instagram

Hard not to get sidetracked by the adorable sight of baby Mahira here, but what follows is a lesson worth remembering:

“Now here’s the thing – she smiles through it all. She is always grateful. Always thanking God for little things. She keeps telling us ‘tender mercies’ is what one must be grateful for. She enjoys her tea and makhan toast like no other. And even though she can’t dance, she doesn’t miss a chance to groove to the music she loves. Today and every single day I want to be like her.”

She closes her post with “Happy women’s day to all you women, bravely going through life with a smile on your faces!”



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