Thursday, August 6, 2020
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With the current tensions between Pakistan and India, local cinema owners have largely removed Bollywood films from their screens. As a result, many Pakistani and Hollywood films are getting some additional screen-time. And looking at the options that have returned, we don't mind at all! While films like Jurassic World 2, Azaadi and Furious 8 return...
Chinese telecom giant Huawei has issued an unusual invitation to foreign media outlets to visit its facilities and meet staff as the company pushes back against global pressure arising from United States accusations that it spies for Beijing. Huawei, on Thursday, purchased full-page adverts in major US newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington...
Seems like the reports were true after all; the Jonas Brothers really are back! The trio just dropped the music video for a new single, 'Sucker' and the lyrics are all about love so guess who's starring in it? The real-life leading ladies of all three brothers are featured in the video; Danielle...
Pakistan reserves the right to respond to any aggression displayed against as a matter of self-defence, Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has informed the military chiefs and ambassadors of major western powers and China. The army chief stated this during his separate phone conversations on Friday with the commander of the...
LAHORE: Former chief of India’s RAW, AS Dulat says Pakistan is a reality and India must talk to it, adding coercion won’t succeed as it is a historical truth. In an interview with an Indian TV, Dulat said the south of (Indian-held) Kashmir was not in Indian government’s control. He advocated diplomacy as aggression would further alienate...
India’s economy slowed considerably with little signs of a quick recovery, as political tensions with neighbouring Pakistan emerged as a new risk alongside the familiar global headwinds and tighter domestic financial conditions, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. Simmering tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals has the potential to hurt foreign investments and sour business sentiment, besides...
People have called  for Prime Minister Imran Khan to be given Nobel Peace Prize for his decision to release captured Indian pilot as peace gesture. Thousands of tweets have been posted with hashtag . #NobelPeaceForImranKhan since Khan extended olive branch to India during the joint sitting of parliament on Friday. American...
NEW DELHI: In a bid to clear themselves  after Pakistan's surprise hit, the joint press briefing of the Indian military officials  on Thursday turned out to be an apology of the highest order as none of them could answer to the probing questions asked by the media persons. During the media interaction, three of...
KARACHI: Pakistan  on Friday reopened its airspace with restrictions and announced the resumption of flight operations from Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta airports, which were suspended since Wednesday due to tensions with India. The CAA spokesperson stated  that the airports will be available from 06:00pm for commercial flights. According to the...
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has signed an agreement with the Indus Resource Center (IRC) for the adoption of two schools in remote areas of Khairpur, Sindh. PTCL supports IRC in running the primary schools as both are committed to providing quality education to the local community. The schools have played an integral part...
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